Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The greatest ever invention is the brain, especially the human one.

I know its an organ that does the inventing, but it must have been designed/invented/ideated upon somehow...I dont want to debate any school of thought here.

It is the single most deadly weapon/tool that we have been armed with. I can create my own hell or heaven right here with it. It pulls all the right strings and pushes the buttons that help me create a story out of my stay on this dimension.

Without it we are just mannequins.

On second thoughts, not the brain either...the single common denominator that defines life in any form is the lil twisted DNA. Sheer genius. From plankton to mountain gorillas to canaries to cactus to humans: we all fall in the same spectrum dictated by this tiny unit.

I am what I am becos of it.Makes you think.

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