Wednesday, August 16, 2006

is 'mattering' correct? i have these frequent black-outs when words, irrespective of their genus, seem so weird to i have to start all over again and get comfortable around them, feel and touch...and make sense of them....shrinks might put it down to old-fashioned disorientation that the brain goes through during its maintenance periods...

but seriously...its funny how we take language, words, order, rules, structure, grammar, maths, laws, equations so this is how it really is? we had a chapter in school abt this guy who starts turning language on its head...manipulating words to his universe which he was the master of....we wouldnt think twice and call him eccentric, mad even...but was he? wasn't he being true to himself in his non-conformism? who says we must conform, copulate, procreate...unwritten laws, you say? like the Big Bang, these exist in theory...hence, open to debate and speculation.

any human construct naturally invites my doubts about its is that a word? it is, i made it. :-D

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