Thursday, August 09, 2007



I get SO tired of being me. nothing deep, just a wish to toggle dimensions. to lose the baggage which try as one might, one does inherit, earn, in this lifetime.

looking at the bigger picture, it all seems so insignificant...I am nothing, will be nothing soon...but while I am, I have all these strings...these landmines to avoid...these lines to look out for.

but the day ends and another begins.

till its time to call it a wrap.

but sometimes....

Tuesday, April 10, 2007



it is crystal clear that wish as I might, I really can't wipe the frowns, smooth the creases deep inside the soul of people I care for. we all come and go alone, we harbour secrets, experience sorrows, anxieties, loss, loneliness...its what makes us a character in a story...

what i can wish for is atleast one dream, one moment of pure happiness, a shot at redemption, a companion rediscovered...if I had the power.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007


can't keep track

I change.

then change again.

don't know what I am or what I will be. no labels stick.



Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The greatest ever invention is the brain, especially the human one.

I know its an organ that does the inventing, but it must have been designed/invented/ideated upon somehow...I dont want to debate any school of thought here.

It is the single most deadly weapon/tool that we have been armed with. I can create my own hell or heaven right here with it. It pulls all the right strings and pushes the buttons that help me create a story out of my stay on this dimension.

Without it we are just mannequins.

On second thoughts, not the brain either...the single common denominator that defines life in any form is the lil twisted DNA. Sheer genius. From plankton to mountain gorillas to canaries to cactus to humans: we all fall in the same spectrum dictated by this tiny unit.

I am what I am becos of it.Makes you think.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I really really really hope that before its my time to exit, the human race has had some kind of a breakthrough on the SETI front. be it panspermia or any other experiment, hope there is some kind of contact or find....even its just at the unicellular micro-organism-ic level. there has to be....and I am not thinking the fictional cliched stuff here...spielberg, Star Trek or HG wells...hostile or friendly, or just indifferent. whatever level of evolution life out there has achieved.

how can we ever think we are alone, that would be the epitome of ignorance and foolish arrogance...with all the zillions of galaxies that exist, where we are but merely a speck...and the beginning/end of space as we know it not stumbled upon as yet...

seriously...that would be such a high to grow old and depart on.

fingers crossed...

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